Instructions for Creating a New Organization

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" SAFE",  is a web portal and a required single sign on software security for ODE customers.
You need the  "OEDS Organization Applicant role",  if you are not currently assigned the role of OEDS Organization Administrator, Superintendent, or Treasurer, or if you have one of those roles but this new organization is not related to the organization where you have one of those roles. The OEDS Organization Applicant role is requested through SAFE. You only need to request this role one time.
A  "Parent Hierarchy Organization",  is an organization that already exists in OEDS and has administrative legal authority over a subordinate organization and is considered the hierarchy of the subordinate organization.
For More Detailed Instructions for Creating a New Organization
  Instructions for Creating a New Organization
In order to create your Organization in the Ohio Educational Directory System (OEDS) you will need to follow these steps:
  • Read all of These Steps before Proceeding
  • Obtain a SAFE Account
  • Obtain an OEDS Organization Applicant Role (See more detailed instructions to the right)
  • Click link to create an Organization that has no parent organization with administrative authority
  • OR
  • Select the Parent Organization that has administrative authority over the new organization